Reopen Fermilab

Advocating for an Open and Accessible Fermilab

Fermilab was always meant to be an open site that would inspire awe and wonder, love for nature, art, and science in the community.
Our Message, Delivered

Thank you to everyone who signed onto this petition, shared their testimonials, and made their voice heard in support of an open and accessible Fermilab.

We delivered this letter, along with nearly 3,000 signatures and several hundred testimonials to local and federal representatives.

But our work is not over. We will continue to advocate for an open and accessible Fermilab.

Here's how you can help

Support this Effort

We have delivered the letter to national and local policymakers, but you can still show your support by signing the ongoing online petition!

Track Progress

We are tracking Fermilab's responses to the concerns expressed in the open letter. Check out the scorecard to see how Fermilab is doing!

Share Your Thoughts

How has reduced access to Fermilab affected you? How do you feel about Fermilab's response so far? Share your story with us!

Reopen Fermilab